Digital Advertising

Place video or banner ads on the our channels and apps to promote your brand to our users.

VIDEO ADS (1920 x 1080 px ; 12-15 MBPS)
WEB BANNERS (2048 X 450 PX & 450x450 PX; 72DPI ; JPG)
MOBILE BANNERS (2048 X 450 PX ; 72DPI ; JPG)
SPONSOR SCREENS (1920 X 1080 PX ; 72DPI ; JPG)
TV BANNERS (1966 X 400 PX ; 72DPI ; JPG)
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Social Media Marketing

We bring views to your publications using the Facebook Ads network. Targeting a unique audience people engaged with dance music profiles and content. Ideal to boost your sales of tickets, merchandise, vinyl and more!

For each of your campaigns we advise, setup, monitor, optimize and report on the results. Contact us to get started! 

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Post, story, IGTV

Influencer Marketing

We connect sponsor brands with the right content creators to produce relevant influencer marketing campaigns.

You are a sponsor? Or a Creator willing to associate with brands?
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