DT Content Presentation Agreement


DanceTrippin BV (DT) publishes, broadcasts, and distributes electronic dance music oriented audiovisual content through its channels including but not limited to websites, mobile apps, tv apps, social medias, tv shows, tv channels, and syndicated programs (the "DT Media Platforms") which are presented under its various content brands (including but not limited to "Dance Television", "Deep Tech Minimal", "Techno Warehouse, House Floor, "Deep House District, Algorhythm", "Chill AF", and "Mainstage).


Content Submiter is the owner or controls rights of video contentitems submitted in relation to this agreement.

For consideration received the undersigned parties hereby agree as follows:
  1. Content Partner herein grants to DT the license to distribute audiovisual content through the DT Media Platforms which will be or has been submitted for distribution, in exchange for promotion received
  2. This license granted herein for each content item submitted to DT may be revoked by the Content Partner at any time after 1 year after the submission. Such revocation must be specified in writing by written notice to In case of such revocation, the publication, broadcast, and/or syndication of the content will be terminated within a reasonable period which may be required to clear the scheduling of the specified content item
  3. The parties each represent and warrant as follows:
    - They have the right to enter into this agreement for the purpose of binding the parties hereto.
    - They are not infringing on any other parties rights by entering into this agreement.
  4. In the event either party breaches any representation warranty made herein, such breaching party hereby agrees to indemnify the other party for any loss, costs, damages, and causes of action that they may incur.
  5. DT will be responsible for applicable music rights obligations towards the relevant rights societies for the usage of music in content on its platform.
  6. This agreement is handled by the laws of the Netherlands and any disputes arising will be handled in arbitration in accordance to the laws of the Netherlands.