Originality beats reputation and follower counts in Facebook video stream performance

How an unusual Pioneer CDJ hacked cassette deck DJ mix turned viral 

On December 12, 2019, Dimitri T Jay inaugurated his very own interpretation of the classic Pioneer CDJs turntables: the TDJs. (340k views as January 4, 2020)

Dimitri is a DJ and producer of Russian origin. He has lived in Italy since the age of 15 and in 2003, in a historic period of transition to digital, he started his business by taking inspiration from the old school vinyl mixing. Analog sound lover, he created and perfected a new way of DJing with Audio Cassettes, thus giving life to a new musical project and the first in the world of its kind: Back2tape

Having noticed Back2tape's previous video streams on Facebook, DanceTelevision proposed to support this great project. 

Building of TDJs

Back2tape's TDJs launch stream with DanceTelevision: distribution method and results

The TDJs launch stream was planned on December 12. The objective was to maximize results and value on Back2tape's Facebook page.

DanceTelevision's distribution strategy was to focus on Back2tape's page LIVE Primary post. We only crossposted the stream to DanceTelevision's page (as well as a few other page partners organized by Back2tape) but specifically boosted the Back2tape live-stream post by setting up simultaneous Watch Parties on Back2tape's post across 6 major dance-focused pages and 10 groups in the DT Network. Watch Parties notified their respective followers's base to bring viewers to the LIVE post. 

The Back2tape high-end studio filming, their original and unique approach to DJ mixing with a nostalgic cassette tapes hack of modern Pioneer CDJs, combined with a large organic push to electronic music fans, DJs and producers worldwide... it created a high reach, high engagement and conversational post.

As of January 4, 2020, this Facebook LIVE stream distribution campaign generated (including only the Back2tape & DT Network Pages): 

  • Peak Live Viewers: 1,391
  • Total Reach: 1,049,953
  • Total Engagement: 23,038
  • Total Post Clicks: 318,658
  • Total 3-second views: 320,120
  • Total Minutes viewed: 254,565

Watch Parties being a Facebook post embedding the Back2tape Page's post, they drove significant additional post clicks and view results to it. This is further visible with the Distribution score* provided by Facebook: x50.2 for Back2tape's LIVE post vs x6.1 on DanceTelevision's post.

*The Distribution score indicates how well the post is performing compared to your Page's historic average.

Back2tape TDJs launch stream - Facebook video analytics

How viral video stream posts impact your artist page likes and followers? 

This stream and association publication strategy brought the average new organic Page Likes of Back2tape to 103 likes/day over the next 15 days after the stream. In comparison, the previous 15 days had an average of 2 Likes per day. So you see, there's no need to have several million followers. A passionate artist plus the love child of a CDJ and cassette deck goes viral! It's all about differentiation and love for the scene.

Back2tape - 15 days Page likes growth

DanceTelevision distribution campaign analytics report

If you like Excel sheets and Facebook stats screenshots, you can check out the detailed reports. If you have more questions about it or would like to use the analytics template please reach out to us. 

Back2tape TDJs launch stream - detailed analytics

More of Dimitri T Jay & Back to tape!

Go check Dimitri's studio and unique Italian location videos on DanceTelevision and his Youtube channel. Send him and his team some love, and "smash that like button if that's something you are into!" (P.M.K). 

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