The best DJ set videos and Creators of 2020 on DanceTelevision - #DT20 vote results.

Leaving behind our 20th year and 2020 we asked you about your favourite video and Creator Channel on

While live physical entertainment mostly remained behind closed doors, these recorded artist performances nethertheless helped us explore new horizons and music safely from home. And they will continue doing so!

Here's your roundup of the voted best of 2020 on DanceTelevision!

Top #3 Lockdown videos:

  1. Connie Yin aka Constar | Resolute Stays Home - Visuals by Polo X Polo
  2. Hushkin | The Next Wave on Mind-Matter
  3. A Skitzo | Creating Ear Illusion at Avaz Twist Tower on Ear Illusion

Discover the full playlist of 20 videos ranked by you on the playlist DT20: Lockdown Videos

Top #3 Creator Channels:

  1. dan-tz
  2. Late Knights
  3. Gewoel

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Many thanks to all the participants and voters. We wish you great year of entertainment with many more videos to come on DanceTelevision!

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