Studio video show for new album release promotion

Julien Chaptal new album 'The Way' on Awesome Soundwave

Julien Chaptal is an electronic assembly — part French electronics, part Detroit synth machine, and part Dutch minimal robot. We’ve recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Julien for a new spin on electronic music promotion of his album release ‘The Way’ on Carl Cox and Christopher Coe’s new imprint, Awesome Soundwave.

A live studio session video show as album promotion

In order to break the crusty mold of the standard release promo, we brainstormed together and recorded a 45 minute live performance of the album from his studio in the basement of the Volkshotel, Amsterdam. The video was premiered on the facebook page of our ‘Deep Tech Minimal’ content brand, with cross-posts and watch parties across our network of relevant social media brands. Julien also joined the premier with a live Q&A session for fans in the comments section of Deep Tech Minimal, after which a winner was selected from the comments to receive a signed copy of the release on vinyl

Composed with samples recorded along his life’s journeys — on stage, by boat, and on wheels — The Way’s hypnotic tracks are an intimate look at the intricate circuitry composing the logic behind electronic music. It was therefore fitting to also mix video images that Julien filmed himself along those journeys into the final show, thereby completing the creative circle and making it truly a work embodying Julien’s creative mojo.

DT Distribution campaign - Teaser & Stream publication results

Facebook Teaser #1 - 40 Link clicks

Our teasing campaign was targeting conversion of social media followers to Awesome Soundwave's Bandcamp profile where viewers can purchase or stream 'The Way'.

To do so, ±1min extracts of the long form video show were turned into teaser posts with Call To Action button 'Listen now' leading to Bandcamp.

Facebook Primary Premiere post

Our Premiere stream was targeting awareness. Since the Facebook platform is not optimized for long form video consumption, the objectives of such stream are mainly reach and engagement, to position the artist and labels names in DT fans minds and beyond. The long form video show was Premiered primarily on the Deep Tech Minimal Facebook page, optimizing the music genre relevance and therefore the viewer engagement.

Julien Chaptal - The Way - Video Performance

The Deep Tech Minimal video Premiere was supported by shares and watch parties on multiple profiles across the DanceTelevision network.