New track and music video promotion with DanceTelevision

Facebook, Instagram & DT App promo campaign for Beatport track chart and downloads.

We recently had the chance to work with the Bulgarian producer and DJ Pavel Petrov for the release of his latest EP and flagship track EXE.

Music video distribution strategy and publication planning.

DanceTelevision took over the EXE music video distribution strategy and plan with the objective of maximizing organic reach and traffic referral to the Beatport page of the EP. Doing so would rank up the release in Beatport's charts and increase downloads. The promotion was run across the DanceTelevision content platform, Facebook and Instagram.

We will focus on Facebook distribution results in this case study. You can find more details on these screenshots and analytics reports.

The Facebook promotion campaign was built on 3 phases: Teasing, Premiere, and Watch Parties.

The Teaser post (a 45s extract of the music video) was published on the DanceTelevision's Facebook page, as a video ad with 'Download' Button leading to Beatport, then shared on eight other DanceTelevision social media profiles.

DT Network teaser post results

Total Reach: 78,209
Total 3s views: 12,168
Total Engagement: 763
Total Post Clicks: 2,598
Total Link Clicks: 109

Subsequently, we organized the full-length music video Premiere on Facebook simultaneously on 10 pages: Pavel Petrov's as Primary page crossposted to our DT Channel's profiles.

DT Network music video results

Peak Live Viewers: 416
Minutes Viewed: 13,094
1min video views: 2,098
10s video views: 8,634
3s video views: 24,912
Average Watch Time: 0:06

DT Profiles Premiere post results

People Reached: 141,727
3s views: 24,912
Engagement: 1,217
Post Clicks: 9,545
Link click: 35

Finally, a second push has been given to Pavel Petrov's Premiere video post by setting up Facebook Watch Parties across several Facebook pages. These Watch Parties add up results to the video link used, in this case, Pavel Petrov's page post to maximize his benefits.

DT Profiles Watch Party results

Total people reached: 144,906
Total Minutes viewed: 3,794
Total Engagement: 1,123
Total Post clicks: 7,482
Total link clicks: 42

Facebook post boost

Additionally, Pavel Petrov boosted his page's music video Premiere post to maximize the number of link clicks leading to Beatport.

DT Network music video promotion campaign success evaluation.

Overall the campaign has positioned EXE to #35 in Beatport charts! 

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