How to calculate your promotion campaign price with DT?

DT is an electronic music media app and promotion agency offering marketing and promotion services for electronic music industry professionals (artists/labels/events) and commercial brands with a matching target audience.

DT Digital Marketing campaigns: method & Pricing

Our Distribution and Social Media Specialists will strategize, plan, setup and monitor your digital promotion campaigns to support your announcements, new releases, events, etc...

Our marketing campaigns are priced on a CPM (Cost Per Mille/thousands) basis, either thousands of impressions, or thousands of followers. Ads and publications are published across the DT Network, and beyond (upon request).

The list of DT owned profiles for Social Media Marketing can be found here.

We also are official partners of I Love Minimal Techno, Techno Live Sets, Techno TV, and more, where we extend the impact of our campaigns.

Note: Price indicated are for campaign setup and management, indexed on audience size.
For music industry professionals only.
The integration of a commercial brand sponsor is possible but is priced specifically with the project details.

Marketing campaign retail prices currently start at*:
- 0.05€ per thousand followers on Facebook and Youtube
- 0.40€ per thousand followers on Instagram
- 0.25€ per thousand followers on Soundcloud
- 1.00€ per thousand impressions of clickable banner or video ads

Therefore, the pricing of a promotion campaign depends on the outlets and audience size you would be targeting. It includes the management of the campaign by our team members.

Calculation for Social Media & Direct Marketing campaigns:
[Profile Followers]x[Platform CPM]/1000
Calculation for Digital Marketing campaigns: 
[Ad Impressions]x[Ad CPM]/1000

Discounted packages: for long form Music Video streams

DT Channels Stream Pack includes

- DT profile + relevant genre Channel(s) profile = Teaser post + Stream post
- other DT Channel profiles = stream post

- DT Channel = stream

Total audience for publications: 3M+
Current price: 300.00€

DT Channels + Media Partners Stream Pack includes

- DT profile + relevant genre Channel(s) profile = Teaser post + Stream post

- other DT profiles + Official Media Partners = stream post

- DT Channel = stream

Audience for publications: 6M+
Current price ± 5000€

Pro Publishers subscription: Benefits on Marketing services

Regular content creators can subscribe to the DT Network As a Pro Publisher to benefit from:
- social media promo posts, monthly
- % discount on all additional DT distribution and marketing services mentioned above, while your subscription is active

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