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Facebook Ad Traffic Campaign: Metodi Hristov "Endorphin" track smart link

Metodi Hristov created a scripted short video to promote the release of his new track “Endorphin”. It narrates with humour and fantasy how he got inspired. A great way to get fan’s attention and teasing the full track to be purchased or streamed!

What we did

We published the “Endorphin” video on our Facebook page and set up a Facebook Ad campaign to boost the track streams and purchases.

Ad campaign setup

Ad Objective = Traffic. The campaign used a “Listen Now” call to action sending to a smart link to a web page featuring all streaming and buying options for the track.

Audience Targeting = Only Dance Music Media Page fans. The campaign targeted our unique advertising network of 3.2M+ unique people who like dance media pages like DanceTelevision's. Only people living in Europe, North America, Australia, Central America, South America and the Middle East. Aged 21 to 45.

Ad Media = Video asset. The campaign used the “Endorphin” short scripted video posted on DanceTelevision’s Page as the ad media asset

Budget & results

We sell Facebook Ad campaigns operations on a cost per views. For 30.000 warrantied views purchased, this publication generated:

  • 73,824 reach within the target audience
  • 35,270 video views (+5,270 over minimum warranty)
  • 3,984 “Listen Now” clicks from the ad. Which represents 2.30% of the reach or 11.3% of the video views

A cost per click (CPC) of 0.05€

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