DT Network Rewind 2019

What results for DanceTelevision in 2019?

2019 has been a good year for electronic music fans and professionals!

Despite a contraction of the global industry revenue (IMS 2019), audio streaming and video content are growing up and introducing more and more fans to the genre. In 2019, it's 510 Million video views that were made on the DT platform and social media network.

DanceTelevision's TV Operators distribution

Getting more into specifics, our linear cable TV Channel is still available to watch on Vodafone Ziggo Netherlands' music package on channel 608, and our set top box app across 7 major cable operators via Metrological.

DanceTelevision's video apps distribution

Our video app welcomes 35.000 monthly active viewers on Android, iOS and Roku making in average 3 Million views monthly. Entertained by 175 new videos from our own productions and the amazing work of 37 'DT Pro Publishers' bringing great and novel electronic and dance music content from all around the world.
[Special mentions to Soundscape, TIME:CODE, Back2tape, Nightroom TV, Seshling, and Katie Knight]

DanceTelevision's social media distribution

Our network of Facebook & Instagram profiles keeps growing.

In 2019 on Facebook, it is more than 640.5 Million fans reached and 13.2 Million engagement for the DT Channels only. This extends to 1 Billion fans reached for 19.9 Million engagement [Special thanks to Techno Live SetsI Love Minimal Techno]

On Youtube, DanceTelevision generated 12.6 Million views in 2019. And our Instagram profiles keep growing and now count more than half a million followers.

DanceTelevision's video production

On an other note, this year we had also opened our new production studio Sinewave in the Bulgarian capital: Sofia.

What's next for DanceTelevision?

2020 will be the year of strengthening these distribution assets, and probably dive into new opportunities such as Twitch, Tik Tok and audio podcasts publications.

We will also be working on growing and empowering our community of DT Pro Publishers, providing them tools and resources to produce and publish content more efficiently, as well as attracting advertiser funds for them to create branded content published as campaigns across the DT Network.

Thanks a million for this amazing year and wishing to us all an even better 2020 one!